10 December 2009

rosy, cozy, home

so in a few short weeks i shall have a new home for myself which excites me to no end. empty houses are basically blank canvases (for the most part, we will be renting). so i keep a rather extensive collection of home photos that inspire me bookmarked so that when the time comes, i will explode into a mad woman, adorning every nook and cranny with beautiful, ornate objects. i will, i will!

this is a holiday-editioned smorgasbord of house pictures (alright, i'm taking a break from my "funk") and yes, most of these are of dining spaces.. but there's so much you can do with a good eat-in room! tables and chairs and centerpieces and place settings and lighting and well, you get the idea. 

**i acquired 90% or more of these pictures from livingetc. 

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