26 September 2011

I'm right here. See?

Today my oldest, dearest, bestest friend SBD reminded me that I made a promise to update this here blog more frequently. Whoops. Perhaps it is because I am super busy being a mom and a step-in mom (aka nanny) that I've betrayed this promise, but no.. there are plenty of super mommy bloggers out there. Or maybe it's because there's no real direct focus to what I'm blogging about, I really don't know. But I'm going to work on it. I promise.

While I try to think of ways I can improve this blog (aside from updating more often than once or twice every 6 months), I'll fill you in on the goings on in Olive's life.. since I know that's all you all really care about annnnyway!

She is (very almost) 9 months old. Yeah, don't ask me where the time went.. I'll probably start crying.
She's crawling around, climbing up stairs (time to babyproof!), pulling herself up on anything and anyone and "cruising". Cruising is when they walk (WALK!) while holding onto a piece of furniture. These are all activities she picked up at some point in the last month, so yeah.. it's been an anxiety-filled one, and one with lots of bumps to the head.

Other than that, we're exploring the possibility of adopting a Canine friend. More on that later.

Andddddd that's about it! I promise (there's that word again, pretty sure it's lost all significant meaning by now) that I'll update again sometime this week with more pictures.

Until then.