30 October 2010

peekaboo bunny

my husband's 29th birthday present.
funniest, funniest bunny.

16 October 2010

Oh Lovely

3 more months. 
Mommy can't wait to meet you, my little pea. ♥


I want to go back to you.

02 September 2010

the morning benders

I really like this band a lot.. or at least I really like this song and the way it is sung.
I really like that voices like this still exist.

This is our daughter, Olive (middle name TBD) Lee. I guess I knew it was possible to feel this much love for someone you haven't met yet, but I could never have imagined this feeling. It's almost as if there should be a different word for it other than "love". You "love" a lot of things on a lot of different levels, but this goes far beyond that. It's unreal.. and I still have 4 more months to wait before I get to meet her. :(

A lightbulb went off in my head today. An enormous, dazzling, blinding lightbulb. I can't say much about it yet because there's not much yet to say. I know the basics, but the kinks.. they'll work themselves out along the way (they always do). But I'm verrrrrry excited about it!

18 June 2010


Many things have happened since I last wrote. I moved into a lovely home (pictures to follow) with my wonderfully amazing HUSBAND. Yes, we got married in Eric's Mom's backyard in a lovely early-summer ceremony complete with our closest family members and a judge (whose 26th wedding anniversary happened to be on our wedding day which took place on the 26th of May. Coincidence? Fate? We may never know). 
Well just as we were getting settled into our little love-nest, another little surprise landed on our doorstep. I'm growing a little baby inside of me! So many changes in store for us, we'll be moving again into more spacious accommodations and I'm very much looking forward to "nesting". 
So here are the past 6 months in photos!