12 July 2011

Well, well, well

Look who's back.

After fleeing the evil clutches of the monster named Facebook, I promised I would start keeping track of my life here. I guess when your only means of communication with some (read: most) people is through a social networking site, it might feel somewhat like a death (in a very small, small way) after one closes their account. Or maybe not.

A short recap of the past six months or so:

On January 2nd at 11:51 am, Olive Nóirín Lee made her arrival and my life has been immeasurably better ever since. She brings me such joy, which I cannot say I've ever truly felt before the moment she came into my life.
Underneath that mask of exhaustion, I was in awe.

Soo tiny!!

A few months later, Eric and I relocated to the Manayunk section of Philadelphia. Sure it's chock-full of twenty-somethings who are desperately hanging onto their college days by a thread, BUT we're in a house instead of an apartment and on a quiet little street instead of across from a fire station on one of the city's busiest avenues. It's less smelly and much safer, with lovely Main Street just a few blocks down. So we're sold, for now.

Home Sweet (blue) Home

Other than that, we're really just enjoying our lives together. I've continued to work as a nanny during the week, which allows me to bring Olive with me. Something I couldn't be more grateful for. To top it off, Olive has playmates! 

I hope to start using this blog, not just as a means of communication, but as an opportunity to reflect on just how wonderful my life is turning out to be (I'm sorry, I really tried to word that as un-lamely as possible). That is, if I can remember to post more often than once every eight months. Keep those fingers crossed for me!

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