21 July 2011


I won't deny that there's bias involved here, but I honestly see such brilliance in my daughter already. Even just typing "my daughter" makes my heart swell with pride. 
Here's a picture of Olive in her (they don't make these things in any other shade than "ugly") Exersaucer. At 6.5 months she spins around, pausing between each toy, to study it and how it works. After she figures it out, she looks up with ^^this^^ expression on her face to make sure Eric and/or I have taken notice of her accomplishment. Could I be more in love (à la Chandler's voice, but of course)? No, I really couldn't.

I have a feeling she'll be crawling any day now, which at the same time thrills and scares me to my very core. How is it possible that I had her JUST six months ago? It seriously blows my mind to think that a moment between my husband and I resulted in the most wonderful child to have ever been created (not biased there, that's actually a well-documented fact). She babbles new made-up baby words every day, but upon discovering the new sounds she can make, she recites them over and over again with different tone and emphasis. 

An example: "Bwah. Bwah! Bwahhh?? BwahBwahBwahBwahhhhh.." 
(I'm not lying.)

I can't deny that there is a sadness that goes along with seeing my Lolly girl grow up that counteracts the excitement of watching her learning new things. That whole "being-grateful-for-each-second-you're-living-because-it-goes-by-reallyreallyreally-fast" thing.. I guess it's just one of life's lessons that you don't learn until you're actually living it. So I'll just keep on living loving my life, every single second of it. 


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